Veterinarian & Practice Owner

  • Dr. Heather Hannah

    Veterinarian / Owner

    Dr. Hannah is the owner and head Veterinarian at St. Clair Veterinary.  She has a wealth…

    Associate Veterinarian

  • Dr. Marinella Scalzo

    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr Scalzo is an Associate Veterinarian at St Clair Veterinary.  She is very…
  • Dr. Nancy Miller

    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Nancy is a locum Veterinarian who has worked with us for the past few years now.  She…


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  • Janelle


    I am the Manager here at St. Clair Veterinary, and work in reception where I spend time…

    Assistant Manager

  • Laura

    Assistant Manager & Veterinary Technician

    I work at St. Clair Veterinary as a Veterinary Technician and Assistant Manager! I grew up…
  • Cassandra

    Assistant Manager

    Hello, my name is Cassandra.  I have been working at St. Clair Veterinary now for many…

    Veterinary Technicians

  • Jessica

    I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, and one of the receptionists here at St Clair…
  • Stephanie

    Veterinary Technician

    My name is Stephanie. I attended Northern College and graduated the Veterinary Technician…

    Animal Care Attendants

  • Beatriz

    I have recently began working at St. Clair Veterinary after my high school co-op placement…
  • Raquel

    I have recently joined St. Clair Veterinary in September last year.  I am a recent…
  • Jasmine

    Animal Care Attendant

    I have been working at St. Clair Veterinary for 3 years. I'm usually in the treatment…
  • Ariana

    I am a high school student currently working part-time at St. Clair Veterinary. I…


  • Cash


    I am James and Dr. Hannah's little buddy!  I was saved by Dr. Hannah after being hit a…
  • Tweet Tweet

    The doctors at St. Clair Veterinary do not treat birds, but my presence is an exception. …
  • Twiggy


    I have lived at St Clair Vets for a few years now.   I was dropped off at the front…